Our Ministries

The MINISTRIES of the Southside Church of Christ (SSCOC) have a primary purpose, which is meeting the needs of our members AND residents of our community. 
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    This ministry is designed to meet the physical needs (food, clothing, etc.) of our members as well as members of our community AND to empower them to become self-sufficient.
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    There are probably very few things in life that hurt as much as the death of a loved one. This ministry strives to be a shoulder and system of support to those who have had death in their family. Its aim is to serve family members throughout the bereavement process including visiting funeral homes, planning services, etc. The mission of the Mission H.O.P.E. support group is to Heal through Optimism, Prayer & Education.
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    The Education Ministry is responsible for edifying andf cultivating intellectual knowledge of God's holy and divine word. It is this ministry's charge to encourage a wholesome Christian understanding that reinforce Christianity as a way of life in each of our every day lives. Come and increase your knowledge and faith in fundamental Christian principles. Ministry Leader: Clifford Wesson Contact Phone: (334)-207-8774 Email: [email protected]
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    This is the most important ministry of the church; it is designed to involve every member in reaching UP to God, reaching IN to each other, and reaching OUT to the world.
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    This committee is responsible for handling the multiple budgets and the finances of Southside COC.
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    This ministry, which is also part of the Benevolence ministry, is responsible for ordering, setting up food distribution; it works in cooperation with the Montgomery Food Bank.
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    This ministry provides health information to the congregation and community via the weekly bulletin and annual health fair, as well as individual health counseling. The healthcare professional members provide medical care to members and visitors if an illness occurs during the worship service. Also, members provide support to families during funerals. Ministry Leader: Carolyn Pride Contact Information: (334)- 462-2928 Email: [email protected]
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    Interpersonal Communication is desgined to equip participants with basic fundamental tools for helping people to learn the discipline of basic counseling. Counseling skills can help a person struggling with a variety of issues to draw strength from Christ Jesus while understanding themselves and others. Classes are provided. Event Coordinator: Cheryl Whetstone Contact Information: (334)- 294-8779 Email: [email protected]
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    This ministry emphasizes getting our members involved in the life of our church community. Building friendships, strengthening relationships, and getting involved in the work of the church.
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    This outreach ministry is designed to present the gospel to the world, as well as sick and shut-in members, through the use of television, radio, videotape and audiotape.
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    This ministry exists to introduce men to Jesus: enhance spirtual development, and encourage godly character in their daily lives. Some of the goals for this ministry are to provide resources to help men reinforce their commitment to Christ, church and family; to motivate men to practice their ministry at home, work and in the community; to encourage men to take a leadership role and to help them be more aware of their God given talents and giftss. Ministry Leaders: Harvey Stanton and Marion Brock Contact Informtion: (334)-391-900 (Stanton); (334)-202-2948 (Brock) Email:[email protected]; [email protected]
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    This ministry emphasizes getting our members involved in the life of our church community. Building friendships, strengthening relationships, and getting involved in the work of the church.
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    The Marriage Ministry is designed for married couples to fellowship with one another to strengthen this holy bond. Couples are given the opportunity to engage in spiritual and leisure activities that encourage growth as a couple in Christ. Ministry Leaders: Don & Regina Jackson and Andre & Catherine Smith Contact Informtion: (334)-294-8624; (334)-614-0421
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    The Acapella Chorus is composed of talented men and women commited to excellence in the singing praises to GOD. Rehearsals are scheduled for each Monday night from 6:00pm-7:30pm. The chorus ministers in song at Southside, local congregrations, places within our community, and locations throughout the country. So, commit to Acapella Chorus and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Christians who simply love to sing praises!! Ministry Leaders: Keleyne Provitt and Bryan Wooden Contact Phone: (334)- 318-0428 Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
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    This group receives all prayer request from Sunday morning services and Wednesday Bible Study in emails.They pray daily for all requests, send encouragements and prayer updates to one another. Men and women are also available after worship for additional prayer. Ministry Leader: Ronnie Fisher Contact Phone: (334)-450-1746 Email: [email protected]
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    Discovering the needs of our community, and doing our part to help make a difference in the community is the primary goal of this ministry. This ministry plans seminars and workshops dealing with financial investments, college and career planning, health & wellness, as well as produces weekly bulletin, announcement. Alerts local media of events and programs that will directly effect the community.
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    SOS-Sisters of Southside is an all inclusive group of women of any age who wish to sing songs of praise. When asked to sing, the members ready themselves in rehearsals on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 2:15-3:00p.m. So join and sing! Ministry Leaders: Keleyne Provitt Contact Information: (334)-318-0428 Email:[email protected]
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    This ministry is designed to meet the physical, emotional, personal, and spiritual needs of senior members, as well as members of our community; it also strives to provide them with fulfilling outlets and fellowship with other seniors at our Caring Hands Senior Center.
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    This ministry is designed to spread the gospel and information about Southside COC by way of the internet.
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    Lack of transportation should not be a reason for a member or visitor to miss service or Bible class. This ministry plays a pivotal role in providing transportation to and from the church services, bible classes, and activities.
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    Sisters have special needs as they strive to meet the daily demands of being wives, mothers, career women, friends, support givers, etc."The Haven" ministry works to provide women with resources and monthly opportunities for personal and spiritual rejuvenation and growth.
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    he Young Adult Ministry (FOCUS- Fellowship of Christian Adults at Southside) is comprised of young adults between the ages 18-25. The purpose of this ministry is to address practical issues and challenges young adults face by examining God's Word, sharing best practices and creating a bond among themselves. Ministry Leader: Ron Simmons and Delbert Madison Contact Information: Phone: (334)-303-0847 [email protected]
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    Our youth need direction, guidance, and love. This ministry is designed to meet their needs as they strive to grow up in today's mixed-up world. This ministry offers a systematic program of workshops, retreats, social outings, etc. to help youth develop in a positive, nurturing environment.