Our History
The Southside Church of Christ was organized June 11, 1972. The first meeting was held on the George Washington Carver High School parking lot at which 69 adults and their children were present. Brother K. K. Mitchell was the speaker and Bro. Ben Morgan and Sister Elizabeth Bolding made remarks. The assembled group agreed to form a new congregation on the south side of the city. Permission was given for the newly assembled group to worship that afternoon at the Cleveland Avenue Church of Christ building, located at 4214 Cleveland Avenue on the Lord's Day from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. That afternoon the assembled church worshipped there and everyone agreed unanimously to purchase the building. Their first contribution was $129, and pledges ranged up to $1,000 which were to be paid the following Sunday as a binder on the building. On June 18, 1972, the members contributed $2,804.

During the formation of the new congregation, the brothers met constantly; mornings, evenings and nights in homes and in restaurants. Prior to 1972, Bro. Mitchell had met a man who sponsored bond programs for churches. By agreement of the members, Bro. Mitchell invited the man to come to Montgomery to provide information about bond programs. Bro. Mitchell stated, "We will buy this building." Bonds in the amount of $120,000 were ordered in denominations of $100 to $1,000 and sold to members of the church and to others throughout the city and nation. Because of God's help and guidance, the payments for the building were completed before the Cleveland Avenue congregation could move out. This resulted in the Cleveland Avenue congregation having to rent from the new assembly of Christians for many months until their building was ready for occupancy. Unity and godly love coupled with determination, inspiration and fortification kept the new congregation moving. God guided and inspired the congregation and gave them great peace.

​Under the leadership of Evangelist K. K. Mitchell, the Southside congregation made outstanding strides in membership growth and development. A wide range of programs were put in place by him, including the radio chorus, from which the present A cappella Chorus developed, the Homecoming and Family Day celebrations, organization of choruses for youth and teenagers, establishment of church committees, community outreach activities, a prison ministry and active support of small developing congregations across the state. Benevolent programs were greatly expanded and a day care center was opened. Inaddition to developing the congregation, Bro. Mitchell conducted gospel meetings across the country in such an eloquent and knowledgeable manner that he was referred to as "The Prince of Preachers" across the brotherhood.​​

​Evangelist Herman E. Wesley III was brought to the congregation to assist Bro. Mitchell with ministerial responsibilities. He worked under Bro. Mitchell for two years prior Bro. Mitchell's death. Following Bro. Mitchell's death, Bro. Wesley was installed as minister on July 12, 1998 and provided leadership to the congregation until May 2004. Under his leadership, he expanded the many previously started fellowship and ministerial programs, started a television program, and reestablished the youth chorus as the Junior A cappella Chorus. He was instrumental in having renderings prepared for the proposed building expansion.

​In September 2004, Southside secured Evangelist Willie Ray Hill as minister by the recommendations of Drs. Jack Evans, Sr. and Daniel Harrison. Minister Hill was known throughout the brotherhood as a polished pulpitarian, an excellent expositor and teacher. He was installed as the third minister of Southside on December 12, 2004 by Drs. Jack Evans, Sr. and Daniel Harrison. Minister Hill has brought to Southside his vision of clarifying its purpose and giving the congregation a unifying mission. Under his leadership, he focused Southside on the theme of "building to dream and dreaming to build."

Evangelist Matthew Myles, Sr. began serving as the Senior Ministering Evangelist of the Southside Church of Christ August 8, 2009. After Evangelist Myles arrived in Montgomery, he immediately began working toward seeing that both the leadership and membership worked together as one and began serving the Southside community. Under his leadership, the Evangelism Ministry, the Education Ministry, Youth Chorus, Ladies Chorus, and the a cappella chorus were also reestablished and reorganized. During his time with this congregation, Bro. Myles was an advocate for recognizing good works and togetherness of the Southside family.

On Sunday, August 26, 2012, the associate minister, Thermadell Ross, stepped in to serve as the interim minister following the resignation of the former minister, Myles. Since that day, Bro. Ross has implemented regular leadership meetings, fostered a strong manner of teaching and reaching God’s people. Bro. Ross, who is also the minister of Evangelism, works tirelessly teaching bible classes onsite as well as offsite.

Sunday, June 1, 2013, Bro. Tim Anderson, Jr. from Indianapolis, Indiana, became the full time minister of the congregation. Bro. Anderson brings an energetic movement as he preaches and sings God’s holy word.

Today, this congregation remains stronger than ever while depending on the love of God to carry us into the next phase of work for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.